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Business, Leadership, and Sales Skills

We offer a broad range of business skills training that will help ensure that your staff has what they need in order to succeed. These sessions can be presented in either English or Japanese. We are also able to customize courses to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Performance Management and Feedback

Performance management and feedback are key components of every manager’s toolkit, but few truly utilize them fully. This course takes participants through each step of the performance management process, from goal-setting to conducting the performance review meeting, and gives them specific guidance for achieving clear communication with subordinates.

Persuasive Presentations

This seminar helps participants increase their skills and confidence as presenters, whether in their native language or second language. Techniques for managing voice and body language, organizing the material, presenting with a natural flow, and skillfully handling questions will be covered. Hands-on practice and feedback leads to substantial improvement in presentation technique.

Sales Skills

This course provides participants with the basic skills needed to win and retain customers and inspires them to get more out of their sales efforts. The classic steps of the sale – attention, interest, presentation, desire, and close – will be covered in detail. Key topics such as building relationships, understanding your customer, targeting, cross-selling, and time management are also covered.

Soft Skills for Managers

In many organizations, the “hard skills” involved in the technique of actually getting the work done are emphasized while the “soft skills” of interpersonal relations are not. This course aims to provide a balance by helping participants to hone their ability to communicate effectively and work with diverse subordinates in a positive and respectful manner. Role-play exercises strengthen the skill-building, and participants leave the session with increased confidence in their ability to manage their teams.

Leadership Skills

Leadership has been called “the art of getting others to want to do something you are convinced should be done” – a talent that involves both conviction and the ability to be persuasive. In this session, participants learn to define their vision so that it can be conveyed to their subordinates, as well as discover ways to inspire and motivate.


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