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Talent Development and Succession Planning

In the world of international business, talent management is becoming an increasingly important factor in determining your firm's competitiveness in the global marketplace. To support this growing need, we offer a set of services to build and improve your company’s talent development and succession planning capabilities.

Many U.S. and European multinational companies have implemented processes to identify, attract, develop and retain talented professionals. We believe that Japanese firms will need to develop similar systems for their high potential employees. And U.S. and European companies operating in Japan can benefit from assistance with implementation of their global talent development and succession planning programs in Japan.

Japan Intercultural Consulting will tailor its service offerings to meet the specific needs of your firm. We partner with our clients to ensure they have the right strategies, programs and people to enable continued business success.

People Development Roadmap

When companies are faced with establishing a clear and consistent approach for people development and succession planning, understanding the key steps is critical to success. We can offer you an in-depth understanding of the process flow - from talent identification through succession planning - which will enable your firm to more effectively compete. The result will be a customized plan - or roadmap - to identify gaps in your present processes and point out effective actions to improve your overall talent development activities.

Leadership Competency Modeling

Today's global businesses are challenged by the need to develop their talent pool in a manner which is aligned with the organization's overall goals and objectives. We can help you design a leadership competency model tailored to match the size and complexity of your organization. The output can span the range from a simple manual approach to more sophisticated on-line systems, depending on your specific needs and requirements.

Training and Development Programs

Companies seeking to provide opportunities for training and development for their talent pool members often find it difficult to choose from the various content and delivery options available. We will assist you in developing an effective program combining internal and external training, by selecting from a combination of programs to meet your needs and budget. The direct benefit to your organization will be an approach to training that allows your high potential employees to be exposed to the latest, cutting-edge tools and theories in business education, and provides unique networking opportunities both internal and external to your company.

Career Path Plan and Program Development

Over the span of each employee's career, a company must make maximum use of the available time to develop their potential through a series of specific job assignments. We can offer you a method for effectively planning such career development to assure that key talent is exposed to a range of assignments covering functional areas, business groups, and geographic locations. In addition, we can assist you in addressing special issues which often arise during the process of repatriation following international assignments.

Succession Planning

One of the most critical issues facing every global business is that of developing and maintaining a succession plan to meet the organization's future management needs. We can help you to develop a database for your talent pool at each level in the organization. The result will be an easy-to-use and continuously updated database that supports management decision-making for effective succession planning.

Organizational Requirements

Companies seeking to establish a talent development process will be challenged to assure commitment and consistency. We will provide you with specific guidelines to encourage strong cooperation between line managers and the Human Resource Management function, which is essential to driving such initiatives down through the organization. The final product will enable you to develop a set of tools, including mentoring, cross-functional, business, or regional teams, and regularly scheduled review and monitoring, which lead to successful implementation.


In the future, every organization will be faced with the challenge of developing a system for recruiting the best talent as "raw material" for the talent development process. We can assist you by identifying the key steps essential in developing a "global" approach to recruiting. The resulting system will assure that you achieve a stronger match between the career expectations of potential employees and the business needs of your organization.


To meet the challenge of establishing the best approach to talent development and succession planning for your organization, examples of "best practice" are critical. We can provide you with specific examples from a wide range of multinational business organizations across the U.S., Europe, and Asia. The output from this benchmarking exercise will give you a better picture of what has (and has not) worked well in other firms and provide ideas for developing a more effective process in your organization.


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