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Cross-Cultural Training for Non-Japanese

Essential Etiquette for the Japanese Workplace

Non-Japanese who have just arrived in Japan for an assignment are often entranced by Japanese culture, but at the same time find many things to be puzzling. Their adaptation to life in Japan can be eased with information about the basics of Japanese etiquette in and out of the workplace, such as how to give and receive business cards and the proper way to participate in ceremonies. This seminar is helpful for non-Japanese from any country who need to learn the basics of how to get along in the unfamiliar Japanese workplace, including etiquette and communication style. This seminar can be taught in the language of your choice.

Communicating Effectively with Japanese Subordinates, Colleagues, and Customers (for Employees of Foreign Firms in Japan)

Non-Japanese who are assigned to work in their firm's Japan operations often come with high expectations for their assignment and for their work teams. Working abroad poses unique challenges and without knowledge of cultural background, cross-cultural relationships can be difficult. Communicating with subordinates, colleagues and customers, building strong effective work teams across cultures, providing leadership, and producing positive results are all doubly challenging due to differing assumptions about business relationships, responsibilities, communication style and professionalism. This seminar provides concrete information on how to communicate well with Japanese subordinates and colleagues, how to build good working relationships and make an assignment in Japan fruitful and enjoyable.

Working Effectively with Japanese Colleagues (for Employees of Japanese Firms)

Many Japanese companies are casting their net widely to find talent from throughout the world, so that they can infuse their organizations with new values and innovation. Before the non-Japanese staff who join Japanese organizations can share their culture and creativity, they tend to bump up against Japan's unique human resource management practices, communication style, and decision making processes. It's important for non-Japanese employees to understand Japanese culture and how it differs from their own so that they can apply their talents fully. In this session, case studies are analyzed from a cultural perspective, and participants learn how to use their own culture and skills in a positive way within Japan's unique working environment.


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