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The geographic focus of the Latin America Branch is Mexico and the regions of the U.S. adjacent to the Mexican border, as well as Argentina and Brazil. We primarily work with Japanese companies and firms who have Japanese customers or partners. The following is a description of our approach to working with each of those groups.

Japanese firms

Japan Intercultural Consulting has a depth of experience in working with Japanese multinationals. We understand Japanese corporate culture, and will be able to suggest approaches that are appropriate for your firm’s environment. Our programs and methods are tailored to meet the needs of both Japanese expatriates and locally-hired managers and employees.

The Latin American operation of a Japanese firm is a meeting place of different cultures and work styles. The challenge for an organization is to skillfully blend the most effective components of each culture and management style. Coordination and integration with the parent organization, as well as flexibility and responsiveness to local business opportunities and conditions, requires communication, understanding and mutual respect. Our training programs and consulting services provide the tools to bridge cultural gaps and improve performance.

Suppliers and partners of Japanese firms

With our in-depth understanding of the unique characteristics and business practices of Japanese firms, we help Latin American firms improve their ability to work effectively with Japanese customers and partners. These clients particularly appreciate our cross-cultural seminars, which help them develop strategies for improving communications and relationships. We also assist firms in tailoring their marketing approaches when targeting Japanese customers.

Below is a list of our service offerings for Latin America.


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