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Executive Coaching

The management and leadership style of executives is frequently the key determinant of successful business operations. This is particularly true in the North American operations of Japanese firms, where the tone set at the upper level of the organization impacts the company's ability to meet cross-cultural challenges. However, few senior executives are able to spend the time to attend formal training programs, and such programs may not address the specific issues faced by those in senior positions.

One-on-one executive coaching is a focused way to meet the training and development needs of an organization's executives. Short, targeted sessions make the most effective use of an executive's valuable time.

The content of coaching sessions is determined by the specific needs and interests of the executive. They may include:

  • Strengthening leadership and management skills
  • Honing techniques for coaching, counseling, and assessing subordinates
  • Polishing presentation and oral communication skills
  • Developing strategies for handling sensitive cross-cultural and interpersonal situations
  • Sharpening written communication techniques
  • Clarifying organizational goals and the most appropriate methods for achieving them

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